Fuzzy is committed to putting on world class events. Not just in terms of our killer production values, but also by making sure that we take care of the environment – no environment, no outdoor festivals! We put a lot of effort into taking care of our venues, the communities that host us, the suppliers that deal with us and you – the patrons who enjoy our events.

Our sustainability policy covers all aspects of event planning including the development of innovative systems for energy consumption, transport, water usage and waste management.


Listen In Adelaide is the inner-city festival for forward-thinking music lovers, hosted in our capital city’s most beautiful park, because we know you prefer to dance on grass rather than concrete.

We see ourselves as temporary caretakers of the parks in which our event is carried out and we feel privileged to have access to this venue. We ensure respect for and acknowledgement of traditional owners, and that all aspects of our events consider the biodiversity, ecological sensitivity and heritage conservation of our beautiful venue.

Local communities are consulted in the planning process. We aim to use local suppliers, local products and support local businesses. Our noise management plans conform to EPA restrictions to ensure that the music is pumping inside the venue, not outside.

We also promote selected local charities that encourage local sustainability and social responsibility through our charity initiatives.


We really appreciate it. Every time you recycle a can, pick up a cigarette butt, put your rubbish in the bin and respect the event boundaries helps us put on bigger and better festivals for you!